Brownsea Island Swim - 2014

This was our first time photographing the Brownsea Island Swim. A race of 300 swimmers; a full swim around Brownsea Island and a half swim for the marginally less insane. Deciding how much photographic kit to take along was one of my biggest challenges. In the end it was decided 'less is more' as I was going to be jumping on and off boats and photographing in the water; so it was just the small bag stuffed full of kit. All of the picures below were shot on the small zoom on the trusty Nikon D700 camera. The event was full of atmosphere and the day was brilliantly organised by RLSS Poole Lifeguard teams. The atmosphere was electric and something the camera can't capture but here is a flavour of the event as it unfolds....

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Swimmers and organisers catch the ferry from Sandbanks after registering in the large car park. After a brief 20 minute walk we found ourselves waiting in a queue for the Sandbanks Ferry before heading over to Brownsea Island, a short boat ride across the water. The weather was a little cloudy (although photographers do like a little cloud cover!) at this early point in the morning but the forecasters had promised us a fairly good day.

All in blue (above) and a few jitters before the big swim (below)

Here we have arrived at Brownsea and a friendly group of swimmers (below) are more than happy for a group photo...South Worcs life Saving Club prepare for the swim ahead (below)Calm before the start of the race

Swimmers go through their warm up (chill down?) for the start of the race. Emotions run high (below). This is no easy event!

Daniel Abel (below) who swam the event in 1:24:5

Simon Harmer (below) looking cheerful


Barely enough time to get the camera ready, Guy Giles swims brilliantly (1:14:38) and comes in 1st place (above)

Hadden Page (above) 1:20:05  follows and takes 2nd Place

4th Place overall and 1st place (non wetsuit) for the men is Oliver Wilkinson 1:20:49

Katie Nimo (above right) comes in 1st place for the Ladies 1:20:36 and 3rd place overall is photographed with Oliver Wilkinson.

2nd Place Ladies: Elizabeth Tarr (above) from Teddington 1:28:00 and Mark Harris  below left) and Stuart Purcell (below right) finish 16th and 17th place.

Tracey Cook (above) 3rd Place Ladies 1:33:01

Jennifer Penny (above) 2nd place (Ladies non wetsuit category)

I have posted (below) a selection of swimmers as they finish their race for this blog. Sorry if you are not here... To view more images, to find yourself and see a variety of photographic purchasing options please click here otherwise continue viewing below:


Simon Harmer, photographed earlier in this blog (below) comes in with trainer Catherine Cornwell. What an achievement this is.

Some of the best celebrations below!

George Allen does his bit for charity! One of our Photograph products (below) to include the title and crest for this event

The entire family celebrate with Dad!(below)

Sample templates below with this year's winner Guy Giles. You can see your photos and order direct from us here. You will need the password: RLSSPLG

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