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By David Beater

I have just returned from a week away in Guernsey and wanted to share some of the breathtaking views around the coastline. The first photo below is taken from the car park near the Jerbourb Hotel on the Southern tip of the Island.

Jerbourg Point

Moulin Huet Bay

On Wednesday we visited Beaucette Marina (North East Guernsey). It was originally a quarry until British Army engineers blasted a way open to the sea.

Icart Point

Toward Petit Bot Bay

Just something I couldn't quite get used to...Blue Post Boxes!!!

The Little Chapel was built during the first world war and was the work of one man - Brother Deodat Antoine - who decided to decorate it in fragments of Pottery and shells

Seagull, St Peter Port Harbour

 St Peter Port to Soldiers Bay

Fermain Bay

Fermain Bay through the woodland

Hydraengas above St Peter Port

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David Beater - Hi Dave, Thanks for contributing to the blog. I have printed off no 11 and will bring it to along next Wednesday.
Dave Roberts - I nearly chose the close up because it had an iphone look but chose the exterior because it was slightly fuzzy, it must have been a windy day!
I will choose no 11 with the rainbow and wonky horizon
Thanks Dave
David Beater - Sorry to disappoint you Dave but the iphone photo was actually the 'close up'. The slight lack of quality in the church in its entirety may be due to my unsteady hand on that particular shot. Since you got sooooooo close and took the trouble to respond to my one minute request a couple of weeks ago there is a prize on offer. You just need to choose any one photo from the Guernsey Blog and you receive a 12 X 8 print in a mount next Wednesday!
Dave Roberts - Hi David
The shot of the outside in it's entirety was taken with the i phone, not the close up.
Do I claim my Prize?
Wendy - Beautiful pictures David. I love the Little Chapel and the blue post box!
David Beater - Hi David,

Thanks Dave for your post. You are correct as far as it is the outside of the Chapel that was taken with the i phone. All the other images were taken on the Nikon D700. There are two images outside the chapel. The first is the Chapel in its entirety and the other is the close up of the shells (one above cocky looking seagull!). For the full prize you need to tell me which one of these two images was taken on the i phone!! Enjoy the rest of the day....
Dave Roberts - Hi David
Was the outside of the chapel taken with your i phone?
David Beater - Thanks Wendy for your kind words. The Blue post boxes were very intriguing and the Little Chapel was a great find by Cathy. We were very lucky with the weather on our walks (normally between 11am and 2pm); there seemed to be gales and storms at just about every other moment but never once stopped us getting out and enjoying the coastal paths!

Kind regards,