Ryan and Charlotte
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Preparation is key; Cathy gets the flash units ready and we make use of a radio triggering system for consistently good results. We currently use Radio Poppers which enable me to control the flash output remotely from the camera. This is the most reliable system I have used to date. You can see the radio (receiver) to the side of the flash unit.

A grey card is being used to take a white balance reading before the wedding ceremony begins. It really does make a big difference to the overall quality. Before (above) there is a heavy orange cast from the church lighting...... and after (below) has since been corrected using the dropper on the computer in post production.

The calm is now over as we start to get some small groups organised; the bridesmaids turn up and we work through some group photos in anticipation of the bride's arrival.

The pressure is now on! Camera settings are rapidly changed for the 'car shot.' Charlotte and Dad do brilliantly and seem to control their nerves magnificently!

We get a window of opportunity to take photos of the bride and her parents (below) before the pressures of the day take over.

The rain starts to fall and umbrellas are going up. The flash units are getting a little damp!

Having just put the flash away as it is not allowed in the church - the aim with the shot below was to let as much light into the 50mm lens as possible and making the most of the natural light coming through the main doors. I could sense the apprehension of the Bidesmaids and Pageboy before entering church (I was feeling similarly terrified!).

First time using the Nikon 85mm portrait lens (1.4) and it didn't let me down. Overly soft 'out of focus' areas exactly as Nikon fans all talk favourably about! (see below)

A sense of relief as the ceremony is now over (below). It didn't stop the rain from falling very heavily. Maintaining a flexible approach was essential for the group photos. Instead of worrying about the weather I just kept shooting as the action unfolded.

I love the colours of the umbrella (below)

It is difficult to make out the rain here but it really was coming down persistently hard. The cameras do a great job of brightening up a cloudy day. Cathy was magnificent, skilfully organising the groups within the limited space available.

The leaves on the trees were getting wetter and they clerly show through the umbrellas here. The trees were our saving grace as they provided the perfect shelter for our group shots.

An inspired moment from Cathy as she seizes an opportunity.

A lovely moment together of grandma and bride... and lovely light behind.

Thanks Ryan and Charlotte for the opportunity to photograph your special dayus at you magnificant day; we loved working with you. In spite of the challenges of the rain we loved photographing this memorable occasion.