Snow Storm in Wimborne
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By David Beater

There seemed to be plenty of warning about this particular snow storm throughout the week from the weather forecasters and waking up to the breathtaking beauty of fresh snowfall never disappoints.

While emails were rapidly filling up our inbox from about 5.30am about the possible closure at my wife's school, I was itching to get in on the action and get outside. Although we mainly operate professionally, photographing weddings, portraits and commercial projects there are many other aspects that are equally rewarding. With a fresh dumping of snow I decided to get the camera gear out of the bag, dressed in plenty of layers and full waterproofs then ventured outside. Apart from the bitingly cold winds and the poor visibility it was a magical walk from home into town. Unfortunately the conditions were so extreme I couldn't see anything through the camera towards the end of the shoot as the viewfinder continually misted up and the blizzard worsened. Any thoughts of changing multiple lenses soon disappeared!

The photos below were taken with the brilliant 16-35mm (F4) and 70-200mm (F2.8), occasionally (early on in the session) shooting through a clear viewfinder! Here are some samples of my adventure early on Friday morning.

St Catherine's Church in Wimborne looked beautiful. Photo taken from Leigh Road.
Parents and children were delighted with the fresh snowfall. Could it be something to do with school/work cancellation?! There was plenty of activity around Waitrose open space, even as early as 8.30am.

                 Bench (above) covered in fresh snowfall.

The seagull activity was lively in Redcotts Recreation ground. They were clearly excited about   the snow fall!
Redcotts. A row of lovely pollarded lime trees within the recreation ground.
 Deep snow settles on the hedge.
New benches looking very handsome with a coating of snow and (below) the newly planted tree in Wimborne square takes a battering.  

A view down Avenue Road looking towards St John's Hill. I do hope you have enjoyed viewing our January post. Further news and perhaps some warmer looking images to follow soon....

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