Was that Spring?
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By David Beater

There was a brilliant ray of sunshine through the window into our kitchen this morning at about 11.30am. I simply wasn't expecting it especially after such a very long hard winter and a poor forecast ahead.

We have a wedding booked next week which we are really looking forward to but there is nothing better than to get outside for some close-up work in preparation. I noticed primroses, crocuses, daffodills, hellebores all looking spectacular. They just haven't really been noticed this season because of the freezing weather. It was great to see a blaze of colour in the garden, made even more spectacular when viewed through the Nikon D700 with our close-up lenses and extensions.

The light was occasionally too harsh so I softened it with a lastolite diffuser and I used the bowens light to fill in some shadows where necessary. I do hope the photos cheer you up a little. The weather can only get better from now on!

I am very happy to share some of our photographic tips but please don't ask us where we get our manure from..it is top secret!

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