Wimborne -February Snow
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Wimborne took on a very different feel this morning, in fact almost unrecognisable. While there were lively discussions at home as to whether school was likely to be cancelled or not (my wife is a teacher and school decided to stay open....what a shame!), I was busy re-charging camera batteries, keen to get some shots of the snow. A short walk to Wimborne Minster in the cold was well worth the effort. All shots taken on the Nikon D700 (16-35 F4, 50 F1.4 and 85 F1.4 lenses).

Just in case we hadn't noticed! (below)

The Catholic Church (St Catherines) on Leigh Road (below)

the photo below from the car park near Co-op looking towards the Olive Branch

Waitrose Town Green area (white?!)

King's Head and disappointingly the snow was beginning to melt here.

Wimborne Minster (below) taken from the High Street.

The temparature felt too warm for these conditions and unfortunately I was right. The snow began to melt and this was the end of my early morning session, so time for a coffee. What a tough life! I hope you've enjoyed the post and didn't get caught out by today's events.